Line Scan Lens
Line scan lens for 12k 5μ 16k 3.5μ camera

Line scan lens for 12k 5μ 16k 3.5μ camera

designed for high resolution 12k5μ and 16k3.5μ cameras
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Features of Products

    LS16A Series is designed for high resolution 12k5μ and 16k3.5μ cameras.

    In order to fit the resolution of 3.5μ,the actual image resolution can reach 160lp/mm.

    High resolution can maximize the performance of 16k3.5μ cameras.

    Support 12k5μ cameras which image size is 66mm.

    Minimum optical distortion less than 1 pixel

    FNo. 3.8

Specification of Products
Product NO.Image SizeResolutionStandard MagnificationF/NO.EFLTV DistortionRelative illuminationWorking DistanceConjugate DistanceMechanical Mount specification
LS1626Aφ6616K0.26x4.2116<0.01%90%498.2689V product
LS1603Aφ6616K0.33x4.2116<0.001%90%409.36592.66V product
LS1642Aφ6616K0.42x3.8116<0.007%90%339.7530.1V product
LS1605Aφ6616K0.5x3.8116<0.0008%90%296.9496V product
LS1662Aφ8216K0.625x3.8116<0.2%90%245.8455.3V product
LS1667Aφ6616K0.67x3.8116<0.1%90%237.49453.5V product
LS1607Aφ8216K0.7x3.8116<0%90%229.34447.2V product
LS1675Aφ6616K0.75x3.8116<0.0008%90%218.1444.8V product
LS1610Aφ6616K1.0x3.5116<0.0005%90%184.16439.45V product
LS1613Aφ8216K1.33x3.8116<0.0003%90%156.36444.5V product
LS1615Aφ8216K1.5x3.8116<0.08%90%143.9453.7V product
LS1617Aφ8216K1.7x3.8116<0.05%90%137.84470V product
LS1620Aφ8216K2x3.8116<0.0008%90%127.07496V product
LS1630Aφ8216K3x4.2116<0.001%90%111.45591.4V product
LS1680Aφ8216K0.776x3.8116<0.008%90%215.15440.96V product
LS1683Aφ8216K0.83x3.8116<0.008%90%204.1437.1V product
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